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 Mahmoud Belhaj Office for Accounting and Legal Review, since its establishment in 2003, has adopted strategic objectives to provide excellent financial services with a high degree of quality and reliability to all customers, whether local or foreign companies operating in Libya in oil activities and industrial companies in the field of accounting and auditing according to local and international standards and according to What is stipulated in tax law and tax advice We also provide financial and economic advice and study the market and propose it to our valued customers in understanding the local conditions and environment surrounding their activities and making them constantly aware of developments in legislation, laws and decisions that have an impact on the management of their investments in Libya.

Our Services


Accounting and auditing work Tax and financial

Financial advice

Tax and financial advice and social security services in accordance with applicable and applicable laws.

Financial policies

Preparing financial policies and plans and designing the accounting and financial system


Preparing monthly payroll for tax and INAS authorities .


Establish procurement and compliance policies.

Financial Procedures

Preparing procedures and financial control for assets and inventory.

Documentary Session

Preparing the documentary session for the annual estimated budget and the method of controlling it.

Review & Analysis

Conducting a financial review and analysis of the company’s position and submitting a special report.

Business style

  • Hold an initial meeting with the client
  • Conducting a preliminary study to get acquainted with the current situation, and it may include a field visit, review of some documents, and meetings with decision-makers to develop a full picture of them in terms of tax problems and how to deal with them in the most appropriate legal way to avoid any additional taxes or legal problems.
  • Prepare and present offers to provide consulting services based on what is found.
  • Adopting the interim work stage as a basic item within the mission boundaries.
  • Submit reports on the needs and requirements of the professionals to provide them.
  • Selecting qualified consultants and forming a highly qualified work team and trying to solve all tax and legal problems.

Team Members

Mahmoud Mustafa Belhaj

« senior partner »

He is a specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of auditing and preparing accounts.

Emad Al-Qaeer

« Partner »

A specialist from and has extensive experience in the field of auditing work with experience over 8 years.

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